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China Airlines is the largest airline in Taiwan. Although not directly state-owned, the airline is owned by China Airlines Group, which is owned by the China Aviation Development Foundation, which is in turn owned by the Taiwanese government. The airline, with headquarters in and flight operations from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, flies to destinations in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. China Airlines has a strong presence in the Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Northeast Asia. The airline started scheduled chartered flights between Taiwan and China on July 2008. Most flights serving this market are concentrated at Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing.
Frequent flyer program: Dynasty Flyer

Alliance: SKYTEAM


First Class
First Class is offered in selected 747s, more specifically, version 3 and 5 747s. 12 suite seats with 83" pitch, 180° recline, and 15" AVOD are offered in version 3 and 5 747s. There is a difference between first class seats in version 3 747s and version 5 747s. Panasonic 3000i is the AVOD of version 3 747s. However, Panasonic eX2 is the AVOD of version 5 747s. In present, all CI B747 planes equipped with first classes are serving at TPE-SFO and TPE-LAX scheduled flights, and recently added TPE-PVG and TPE-PEK flignts.

Business Class
China Airlines have three different business class in its different planes: Dynasty Supreme, Dynasty Supreme Regional, and Dynasty Class.
Dynasty Supreme Class is provided only in selected A330s and A340s. 30 Dynasty Supreme shelled seats with 63" pitch and 166° recline are provided in selected A330s. A 10.4" AVOD is also provided. In A340s, 30 Dynasty Supreme seats with 60" pitch and 150° recline are provided. A 10.4" AVOD is also provided.
Dynasty Supreme Regional Class is provided only in regional A330s. 36 Dynasty Supreme Regional shelled seats with 52" pitch and 140° recline are provided in a regional A330. A 10.4" AVOD is also provided.
Dynasty Class is provided only in 737s and 747s. In 737s, 8 Dynasty class seats with 40" pitch and minimal recline are offered. In version 3 747s, 49 Dynasty class seats with 60" pitch, 140° recline, and 10.4" AVOD are offered. Version 4 and 5 747s offer 160° recline angled lie-flat seats will with 15" AVOD with 3D games, 160° recline, 60" seat pitch, USB charger, and transfer information for their main hub, Taoyuan Airport.

Premium Economy Class
New Economy Class is offered in A330s, A340s, and 747s. AVOD is offered in all new economy class seats. In A330s, A340s, and in version 3 747s, BE Aerospace seats with 31-32" pitch and 115° recline and Panasonic 3000i is offered. However, in newly refurbished 747s, version 4 and 5 747s, Recaro seats with 31-32" pitch and 110° recline and Panasonic eX2 is offered.

Economy Class
Economy Class is offered in 737s. Economy Class seats are not equipped with AVOD. Economy Class seats, with 31-32" pitch, are all designed by BE Aerospace.

*Source of information: Wikipedia.

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